Fixing soap in pool from splashless bleach


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Apr 5, 2011
Springfield, MO
Opened pool. Was green at the time. SLAMed per protocol. Unfortunately, large percentage of bleach used for SLAM was splashless bleach. Couldn't decipher why water was still remaining cloudy. Than I realized that the bleach was the problem. Was running filter 24/7 during SLAM.

Added DE to sand filter. Have ran filter for about 8 hrs a day for the past 5 days (after SLAM). Water still cloudy. Filter pressure has not risen at all (other than splashless bleach, our pool stays pretty clean as we have an automatic cover).

Is there anything I can do to remove the detergents in the splashless bleach. Probably dumped 30 bottles of splashless bleach in the pool.
1) Obviously keep Cl level appropriate. I'm keeping it at standard levels, not shock levels. FC overnight test was good a week ago. I think I've killed all the algae.
2) How much should I run filter? Filter doesn't seem to be trapping the detergents as no increase in pressure over a week. I have not backwashed as pressure hasn't risen. Any call for frequent backwash?
3) Skimmer socks help at all? I'm guessing not. But just a thought.
4) When running filter, I assume it is better to keep skimmers open and main drain closed?
5) Have read that soda ash or a mixture of vinegar and water can be added to the pool surface to break down soap. Anybody have success with this?
6) Anything else I can do to facilitate detergent removal? I'd obviously like to not have to drain the entire pool.

Thanks in advance for all the help as usual.