Fixing recurring skimmer leaks


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Sep 10, 2011
Atlanta Ga
Every year I get a leak at my skimmer. Usually I can find it and fix it with putty. I have been told two different things about why I get the leaks.

One guy said it is natural water erosion since water is flowing over it constantly. He said you just keep locating the leaks and plugging them with putty as they occur.

Another guy said that skimmers usually develop leaks because the ground is shifting and gradually pulling the part with the skimmer basket away from the pool. He said you can use putty to fix the leaks, but a more permanent solution is to cut away the concrete around the skimmer, put in rebar to hold it in place and pour new concrete.

Who is correct? Or are they both correct?


Sep 15, 2018
Hokes Bluff, AL
I’m having the same issue. Repaired with pool putty and 4-6 weeks later leaking again. Not as bad as before...but noticeable water level drop. Coincidentally this started shortly after our weather finally turned towards fall and away from oppressive heat we had this summer.

I’m in the process of closing today...but this issue will be waiting for me come spring opening.