Fix small hole in floor of vinyl liner?


Aug 1, 2019
Brunswick Maine
So I have lots of sand accumulating on the floor of my pool, and I have found one hole in the vinyl floor. The hole is about an inch long and looks sort of like it was a “cut” that has opened up about a 1/4” wide, with rough edges. It doesn’t appear to have eroded away much of the sand below it, and the sand is actually pretty hard inside the rip, bur if I gently probe the hole some sand comes out. The liner is quite a few years old now, we had the side of the pool collap[se one winter and we had to have the whole pool “rebuilt” including a new liner, and I was never really happly with the stle or the quality of this new one they installed. The original liner was all light blue with fake tile printed “graphics” around the sides up around the water line, and it looked pretty nice. The liner we have now (with the rip) which was installed when the pool collapsed 9-10 years ago, is also light blue, but instead of having the printed design on the sides of the liner it has a rather “cheesy” fake pebbles graphic on the floor alone, which I think looks much worse because it really shows the fading and dirt/stains along the waterline since it’s just plain. And the floor decal is applied in very obvious 3ft strips of what looks like a sticker, and this decal faded almost completely, much more than the original printing that was on the sides ever did. So basically I’m wondering what all my options are, since I only see the one tear in the floor can I fill or patch it, It seems to me that some kind of marine epoxy may work? On the other hand what are my options as far as a new liner, or can a pool have a “re-line” of some sort (keeping the old liner in place, as an extra layer)?. When we had it replaced before, it was because the whole side of the pool had blown out and the sand was gone, so we basically had to have the pool completely rebuilt. I’m hoping I might have some less costly options since the pool and liner is still solid, because we now also have a deck built around the pool, making it more work to dismantle the pool. Apolagies for such long winded post.


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May 29, 2019
Long Island
I fully agree with Ship. Patching a liner is easy, "fun," and a sense of accomplishment.
This stuff works great and should be about $15

Make sure you "round" the corners of the patch.