First Year Covering AGP - Having Issues


Jul 15, 2020
Talleyville, DE
This is my first year owning a pool. I live in mid atlantic region so we can get fairly cold winters. My pool is an intex ultra xtr 18' x 52".

I have slammed, which seemed i dint need to based on CC, did it for good measure. Added non chlorine shock, winterizer and winter algecide. Drained the pool to about 2" below intake ports, placed the non-chlorine sanitizer floaty in and proceeded to cover.

I have a 4' x 8' air pillow i tried to anchor roughly in the middle of the pool, and a tarp cover that i am hanging filled gallon jugs off of bungees to keep the cover weighed down in addition to the ratcheted cable. Weve already had a couple of pretty heavy rains and im getting a lot of water pooling up on opposite ends of the pool.

Im wondering, did i miss a step with the cover? Do i need to tie rope across the pool legs to make a support grid for the cover? Ive had to bail water off of the top of this cover three times already in 3 days. Not looking forward to doing that in 40 degree or less weather. Appreciate any suggesgions/comments/et


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
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Covering the pool for winter isn’t “ set it & forget it”
You need to keep the water pumped off the cover.
There are electric expensive cover pumps & there are manual siphon ones for about $20. Both can be damaged if allowed to freeze w/ water in them.
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