First winter season for new pool owner


Mar 30, 2020
Sacramento, CA
Thanks all so far for your help, I made it through my first summer and had zero problems! I have a few questions going into winter (and I'm located in the Sacramento, CA valley, so our winters are very mild, usually only a few days a year that barely go below 30F.)

From what I've read, I don't really need to "close" the pool in my area?

Do I still need to maintain a good chlorine level? I think I do, although it would use less than normal (I use liquid chlorine).

I can reduce my pump run time? I think I might try cutting it in half to start and see how that goes. The water temps. are about 55F.

Do I need to do anything for potential pipe freezing? Or would it be safe enough to just run the pump during the coolest parts of those rare days, say 4am-8am when the temps are forecast to go below 32F?

Anything else I need to do with chemicals? I believe my CSI is dropping as the temperature drops, so I think my pH can raise to around 7.8-7.9 or so. Should I actively be monitoring the pH just as the chlorine through the entire winter?

One last question, do the TF-100 test refills go on sale in the spring? :)

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