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Apr 11, 2017
stephenville, Tx
Hi, just got my first water test and I'm way off on some things. The "pool place" is telling me all is ok & to do nothing at the moment. What are your thoughts:
Combined Cl-0
Cyanuric Acid-37


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Hi Tricia! :wave: You're instinct is correct to be nervous. Even if we trusted those pool store results (which we don't) :) your water needs some help. Of everything tested above, the only thing I might place "some" reliability in is the pH test, and it's way too high. You could use some muriatic acid to lower it to at least 7.7-7.8 for now, but don't go too low because we're not sure it the pool store was 100% accurate. Your first priority must be to get the right test kit - either a TF-100 (link below) or Taylor K-2006C. I have the TF-100 and love it, but with either you can be confident of the test results. You simply cannot sacrifice accuracy at this point. I wouldn't adjust anything else at this point, and other than some acid, continue to add just regular bleach daily to keep your FC at a decent level.

Once you get your own kit, post a full set of results and we'll show you just how accurate and easy home testing is. You'll be relieved. Please let us know if you still have questions/concerns.

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