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Hey guys,

Just moved into a new house yesterday with my first pool. The previous owner has neglected her and I'd like to get her back in shape. It's a plaster pool about 30,000 gals. A strip test gave me the following results:

TC. 0
FC. 0
PH 8.4
Alk 120

This is a salt water pool. I'm guessing my first step it to shock the pool? Do I just throw the powder in the deep end? How long will it take to take effect? Any other advice or wisdom for a goal newbie?

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to TFP.

First thing you need to do is tell us what the water looks like. Then you need to read Pool School.

In order to know where you are you really need a good test kit. The strips are notoriously inaccurate.

We need to know what the powder you have is. Of course the best way to shock the pool is to use liquid chlorine (bleach) unless you already have the powder.

Learn to use the Pool Calculator so you'll know how to maintain your pool.

Post back any questions you have.


Here's a bit more info. Found a Taylor drop test kit and came up with the following:

TA 80
CH 270
Ph 80
Acid demand test was 2 drops to get to 7.4
I don't have the cya part of the Taylor kit.

On hand chems i have

3 lbs of power plus .73% hypocrite
6 gals of 6% bleach
1 gal of conditioner
2 gals of muriatic acid

The water looks pretty good, but thee is some funk growing on areas in the pool, kind of light brown staining.

Thank for the help, where do i start?

ONe worry is that the cutoff led on the swg is on and I want to avoid any damage to the cell


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Hey, Bobby,

Welcome to the forum. :lol: As you surmised, you need to shcok your pool. However, it is not as convenient or simple as tossing in some powder and having the pool clear up. Shocking is a process that will involve multiple applications of chlorine and some careful testing to bring your water into the sanitary and crystal clear category.

I would start by reading "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" in Pool School and then read "How to Shock Your Pool". It'll stimulate several questions by you and we'll all help get your pool cleared up.

You will be badgered :lol: :lol: (with good is a must if you intend to do this right) to buy a true test kit. The two best on the market for our purposes are the Taylor K-2006 and the TFTestkits TF-100. I make and sell the TF-100 so I'll let others make the comparisons.


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Most folks probably think I'm Dave's paid spokesperson for the TF100/, but I'm not :roll: I am however a very satisfied customer of his and very thankful the team invited me to be a mod at TFP (Dave owns TFP). I will say that the Taylor k2006 is a great kit, but the TF100 is made with the same Taylor re-agents and you get more of them for your money.

Proof is in the pudding and here is a pic of my water maintained with my 2 year-old Dave said...choice is yours. I just took these today after the pool being covered for a week (cold nights this past week in NY) and sure enough, I have to get in now and get that leaf out from under our steps :rant: ...enjoy :goodjob: Sorry for the blurriness, but my pump was running.

PS...I have only shocked my pool once in those 2 yrs...last year at end of season to close the pool...that's it.



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Amen!!!i can say the same thing!!What great first summer with my pool,,look's the same has when I started!!!I haven't shocked ...Add about 3/4 gal bleach every night...Level's alway's stay the same...The T-100 is a great kit&well worth the money...Where else can you get the tech. support like you get from this site....I ordered my kit &got it the next day...Whick I do live in N.c...But,I bet everyone else will say the same thing...Good Luck!!!

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