First time testing - Newly constructed 33' AGP

Mar 31, 2012
Tampa, FLA
Good Sunday Morning Everyone,

We did our first testing this morning to see what our beginning numbers would be seeing that we just started our filtration system yesterday. We have been adding bleach to the water as the pool filled, albeit slowly due to the fact that we are on a well system and we were running all of our water through our iron filter to give us the best water possible. We would like to bring our SWG system online, but we know that the chemistry has to be perfect to do so.

Here are our results using the Taylor K-2006 test kit:

FC - 3.0
CC - 0.0
TC - 3.0
PH - 7.4
TA - 230
CH -130
CYA - Undetectable

Comments? Where to from here? We have a sock with Stabilizer hanging in the pool right now, but the container we bought was for a 12000 gallon pool because we knew the results of too much CYA....


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Apr 1, 2007
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It looks to me like you are off to a remarkably good start. You have done a great job of staying ahead of your pool water and you should be ready to swim ASAP.

1. How does the water look? Clear is my assumption.

2. What CYA value should your dosage take your pool to?

3. What type of iron filter are you using?
Mar 31, 2012
Tampa, FLA
Hi Dave,

The water is crystal clear. We added 228 ounces of bleach (as the pool calculator suggested) along with the stabilizer on Wednesday, and shocked the pool yesterday morning to guarantee a good FC reading. We ran all of our fill water through our 10 X 54 Terminox whole house iron filter. We manually back washed it every 2000 gallon cycle as we also did our 10 X 54 water softener, which seems to have provided good results. Any iron that made it through the regeneration process died due to the shock and is laying in neat little clumps on the bottom of the pool just waiting to be vac'd to waste.

I would assume we have a very low CYA value because we added 3 lbs. stabilizer which doesn't treat more than 12000 gallons of pool water. We are going to purchase another 3 lbs this morning and add 2 lbs through the skimmer. This should bring us somewhere in the 30-40 range I would guess. Water balance for SWG's is supposed to be in the 70-80 range per the water balance link for SWG.

I am also a little concerned about the TA value. The link states that we should be in the 60-80 range, but we are currently 230.
Mar 31, 2012
Tampa, FLA
So..... from every post we could find on TFP concerning our specific set of circunstances, it sounded like we could add our 675 lbs of salt, circulate for 24 hours, and then start our SWG from there. Well that's exactly what we did and the water appears to have become more pale blue with even better clarity today. We're going to add another 3lbs (instead of 2) of stabilizer tomorrow and see where our numbers lye a week from now. Hayward suggests 20 lbs of stabilizer at start up of the SWG if your reading is 0, which ours is, but I guess I'll err on the side of caution until we have a true baseline

More to follow for anyone following this post. :goodjob: