First time starting seasonal pool on my own


Jun 12, 2018
Glens Falls NY
After several years of having a seasonal pool (full fall drain and spring new fill) I've decided to try opening without water test from the pool store. I know how most feel about the dreaded pool store method, but I've always found our local one to be very good at keeping our pool looking and running perfectly. But now I'm ready to try and go it alone. We have a 15ft Intex round, just shy of 5300 gallon volume.

What I've learned so far about new start from pool school... adjust CYA to 40ppm, adjust pH, then chlorinate. At what point of start up should I adjust TA (if at all)?


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
What test kit are you using?

Test your fill water pH and TA. Chances are you can leave TA as is. But it depends what they are.

I would get at least 3ppm of chlorine in immediately after filling, get CYA dissolving, then adjust pH as needed. Separate adding chlorine and muriatic acid by at least 15 minutes.


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Jan 6, 2010
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I agree. You can be pretty confident that FC and CYA will be zero straight out of the tap. Any FC it had got destroyed by the sun. So adjust pH or FC, your choice, then mess with the CYA granules and the sock, and by the time that's done, it should be safe to do pH of FC, whichever is left. Give it a few minutes to disperse and let the kids in.