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Jan 11, 2015
Birmingham Alabama
First time opening pool,I don't know where to start with these numbers. tested with Taylor k2006. FC 0, PH less than 7, TA 10, CYA 0. Will be taking cover off Saturday. water looks to be clear, I know it won't be for long with no chlorine. Thank you.

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Before we answer your question, what does your water look like? Clear, slightly cloudy, green, etc? That will effect the advice. One thing for sure though, you must get the TA and pH up right away. Use the poolmath calculator (link at top and in my sig) to determine how much baking soda is required to get your TA to at least 50. Do that right away. Once your TA is at 50, re-test pH. If it's still well below 7, use borax or soda ash to increase. If it's just slightly low, aeration is free and it works too. But you want pH no lower than 7.2.

Once we know the water clarity/condition, we can help you with adjusting CYA and FC. Those need addressed ASAP as well. Good thing you found us at TFP. :)