First Time Questions About Winter Covers


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Jun 17, 2012
Rayville, Louisiana
After four pool seasons, we are looking at covering the pool for the winter. I usually just let it go, them pump out, clean, and refill every year. The previous homeowner left some leaf nets, but you need two nets to cover the pool and it's not real easy trying to keep the leaves out where the two nets meet. Would I be better off going with a properly sized (single) leaf net, or a winter cover? The only issue that I can think of is that my work schedule keeps me away from home two weeks at a time and I'm worried about a huge tea bag turning my pool brown again. I tried the leaf nets last year , but after not being able to get the leaf net off in time, the water started to turn brown, so I just let it go. Will a winter cover prevent this? Also, will water go through the winter cover, or will all of the rain water pool on top and have to be pumped off? Would a winter cover allow the leaves to be blown off?

I'm in NE Louisiana and have plenty of trees in the back yard. My biggest problems come from a Yellow Poplar and pine tree.

I have some more questions, but they may be answered in some responses. Any and all information and opinions are welcome.


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Aug 19, 2012
NE Kansas
Your answer depends on the type cover you get. There are mesh covers that allow water to pass through and the leave stay on top. Or there is a full cover with only a small mesh point for drainage and the rest solid or the full solid cover that require you have a pump on the cover to pump off excess water.
I have a mesh Safety cover on our pool through the winter. It allows the rain /snow to refill what I have drained prior to closing and Some of the fine silt in. I add the appropriate amount of algecide before closing so I only need to vaccum the silt when opening for the spring.


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Jun 4, 2012
western NY
I use a standard tarp type cover on mine (18' above ground). About once/twice per week durring the leaf season I go out and skim the leaves out of the water on the cover. This prevents the swamp effect I would otherwise have in the spring. When I get ready to take the cover off, I pump out as much water as possible, then shop vac out the rest of the water/debris. The cover I currently have is about three years old and is getting to the point of being a net more than a tarp.

I realy wish the cover manufacturers would offer a true heavy duty tarp. I would gladly pay more for a quality cover over the supposed "heavy duty" Crud that is passed off on us today


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Sep 13, 2013
We have a 20' x 40' plaster pool with a concrete decking. It is about 8 years old and has never had a cover. We are located in Georgia and are now interested in putting a winter cover on it. We can only find information from companies who want to make a sale. We use a pool company for maintenance but I would like advice on the type of cover best for this type of pool. There are trees nearby but not too close. There is a six foot fence surrounding the pool. We are going to solicit bids but not sure what type cover is best.
Many thanks for the input.