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Aug 15, 2021
Kuwait City
Hello 👋 , I am a first time pool owner with a above ground 3000 gallon intex prism pool (16 X 8). I live in extremely hot weather and the pool is situated outside in the yard (uncovered). I have just started understanding a bit about ph level and alkalinity. I have a 2100 gph intex sand filter. Currently, I am adding clarifier and bromine tablet once a week and algecide once in 12 weeks. I recently tested the ph Which was high (8.6 range). I used the ph down once to bring down the ph level and it worked (7.2 range). Tested again a couple of days later and the ph level is back in the high range. I am not sure if I should adjust ph before or after the clarifier. Looking for some advice for a correct order of clarifier vs bromine tablet vs ph down.


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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Welcome to TFP and you are right about being in a hot climate. Hope all is well in Kuwait.
Maybe it is best if you can tell us what tests you can do on your own such as Alkalinity, Chlorine, CYA ,etc.
Also, what access do you have to chemicals such as muriatic acid, chlorine, etc.

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