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Mar 21, 2021
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Our pool was installed 2 weeks ago today, but the electrician couldn't come out until this week. He is supposed to be finished tomorrow. I purchased a CircuPool RJ30+, and since it is a direct-wired device, it won't be installed and turned on until his work is complete and the timer has power. I've had my pump/filter running (~12-16 hrs per day) on an extension cord since the pool got filled. I've added a few tablets from the "startup kit" to get some chlorine in the water, but not much, as the tests show. I added 11 forty pound bags of salt last weekend before I realized the SWG is direct wired and couldn't be plugged-in to the extension cord. I did my first tests with the TF-Pro this afternoon. Here are the results:

pH: 7.8
CYA: <30 (black dot never disappeared, just got a little cloudy)
FC: 0.5
CC: 0
TC: 0.5
CH: 425
TA: 60
Salinity: 4400ppm

I gladly welcome any suggestions on where/how to start. Any and all help is appreciated.


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May 3, 2014
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Add chlorine. 3 ppm FC worth. Add 20 ppm worth CYA worth of stabilizer using the sock method. Then assume your CYA is 40 ppm and follow the FC/CYA Chart until you can test the CYA level again. Wait at least a day or two after the stabilizer is fully dissolved from the sock before testing the CYA again.
The salinity may be bit high but I believe the Circupool units like it a bit high.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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