First Time Opening Pool by Myself


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Jun 27, 2010
The last 2 seasons my pool builder came and opened my pool for me. I feel like a dead beat not doing it myself, so I just want to make sure I have everything covered off.

1. Remove Safety Cover. Clean off any debris, fold it up, and put it in the cover
2. Close off all safety cover bolts
3. Remove all return plugs and install eye balls.
4. Put underwater lights back into place
5. Hook UV unit back up
6. Replace all drain plugs
7. Check fittings to make sure they are all tight
8. Add a bucket of water to prime the pump
9. Turn on pump
10. When air stops coming out of the filter valve and water start to shoot out, close the valve on top of the filter.

Am I missing anything?


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Jul 30, 2010
Twin Cities, MN
Easto said:
She's up and running.

And I wish I didn't have #5, but I have it so I use it.
Unless you constantly have large swimming parties, it is probable cheaper to leave it off and only use it when you do. The UV will tend to require more chlorine (compared to being off) the rest of the time.