First Time Closing - Questions


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May 22, 2019
Greenfield Center, NY
Good afternoon TFP!

I know I'm late to the party on this, but I just about finished closing my pool this morning. I'm in upstate NY where we have sustained below freezing temperatures for weeks at a time (frost line is 4ft below grade). Last year when the pool was built it the liner was dropped and the pool filled at the end of November, so the pool builder only filled the pool to closing height and there was never any water in any of the lines/equipment.

I have a few questions regarding the proper closing height, pictures attached.

1) The pool has a tanning ledge, last year the pool was filled to have a couple inches of water covering the ledge. At the moment, to get the water level below 2 of the 3 returns the top surface of the tanning ledge is about 3 inches above the water line. Should the ledge be covered with water or not? Does it actually matter?

2) One of the three returns is lower than the other two. At the moment the lower return is below the water line. I blew the return line out with my compressor and it was bubbling steadily below the water line while I screwed in the cap. The other two returns I did a combo shop vac at the return while my wife handled the compressor at the equipment pad. I feel like more water was pulled out from the lines this way. I should not that some of these runs are 150-200 feet from equipment pad to pool. Should I lower the water below this return to flush the line better with the combo shop vac / compressor method like I did with the other two?

3) Two of the three light are below the waterline - should they be above the waterline? Is there any specific prep that needs to be done if they stay below the waterline?

Maybe I am just thinking about this too much, but I would hate to have damage in the spring due to freeze damage.

Thanks for listening!




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Jul 21, 2013
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Once you have your returns plugged your water can rise above the returns. It will anyway as you accumulate rain water in the pool.

I think you want to have 2 inches of water above your tanning ledge so that the liner on the ledge does not float or get wrinkles.

Your lights should be fine whether they are in or out of the water.