First time, Brand New Pool Owner..Setting up advice?


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Jul 8, 2020
Langhorne , PA
Covid summer has forced my hand. I purchased a 18x48 Coleman swim vista. I have NO skills. HA! So I have been trying to find someone I could pay to level the ground and help with set-up. Experienced guys are busy. Can't get em. Landscapers will level the ground, but won't help with pool set-up (some wouldn't even consider putting in pavers for the pool legs for me). Found a guy. Willing. Has concrete, masonry, and landscaping experience. He's only put up one pool though (my friend's). Together my buddy and the guy managed with some fails that I'm trying to avoid. I've shot him a couple of YouTube videos I thought would be helpful. Any other suggestions on what he should read? watch? I've been on the forums on this website a TON to learn the basics. Thanks for any info you can share. I will post pics as we go. Getting started this weekend.
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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Sydknee and welcome !! The above ground section of the forums was on fire this year with new builds. If you read them all you know more than me because I just read them for fun. You probably analyzed the snot out of them. Check @stringer77 build in particular. He killed it.
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Hello and Welcome to TFP!!

For setting up the pool, watching some videos and reading through some threads will be very useful. For the threads, don't just read the ones with pics and success stories. Read some threads asking "how do I fix this...." They will usually include with some advice on what to avoid and you can learn from other peoples mistakes. You will also learn that it is best to do it right the first time than to try to cut corners and have headaches later.
Before you start any install, especially if this is the first time install for that guy you found, you and him need to talk to the local code inspector about what is required to install a pool. Yours is a soft side and likely falls under the "temporary pool" category, but it's good to check first to see if you need to follow any specific rules.
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