First time above ground diy... Liner questions.


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May 31, 2021
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Hey guys. So I've gotten to the stage of filling the pool. Installed the j bead liner and tried to get it aligned as close as possible and now there is about 8 inches of water in the pool.

Most of the wrinkles are gone if not all but looking at the liner it's definitely much tighter on one side. Now I know that yes it is supposed to stretch to fit but the wall seems a little almost like it has a top load on it currently and I'm just a bit nervous that it seems like the wall section is being pulled on harder than the rest. The liner had to stretch a good bit to work its way into the cove but it's now in contact with it. Just below the water level and above it, the liner is tight enough that the liner is currently not in contact with the wall yet. (Approximately 1" below current water level).

My question is this .. am I being overly cautious or should I try to reseat the liner before letting it go much further? The wall seems ok but when I touch the outside there's a kind of shifting wave that seems like the wall of a pop can shifting under weight. Like I said I don't know if I'm too early to judge since the pool is super low on water and the water weight hasn't started to push out hard yet but I don't want the walls to buckle or something crazy like that.


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I’m sorry, I didn’t see this post. I hope it worked out and that it was just an issue of the liner needing some time in the sun.
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