First test with TF100, next steps?


Jun 8, 2020
Cincinnati, OH
Hello, just got the TF100 kit in and ran the tests, here's what I got:

PH 7.5
FC 3.5
CC 0.5
CYA 90
CH 450
TA 210

Water condition, pretty clear, I do see dead algae that get's dusted up when the robot runs by. I am planning on adding DE to the sand filter to help catch these. Is that okay that there's dead algae or does that mean I should SLAM? or perform the overnight FC loss test?

Right off the bat I see that FC should be MUCH higher, with a CYA of 90 I should have a target FC of 6 or 7 (with liquid chlor) until I drain and refill water which i'll do with back washings.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Great job on getting a quality test kit.

The issue is you have known algae. The only way to eliminate that is to follow the SLAM Process. At your CYA, that can be problematic.

Try an OCLT and see what you find.


Jun 8, 2020
Cincinnati, OH
Okay. OCLT completed. (SWG off / filter on during overnight test)

9:35 pm to 5:20am
FC 12.5 -> 11.5

Did CC while I was at it.
CC 0.5 -> 0.0

So moving forward the pool doesn't have any organics in it, passed OCLT, CC is < 0.5, and pool is clear so it's safe it swim.

Next steps:
My CYA is high, goal = 75. We are expecting rain all next week. Draining and filling can be done economically.

I will measure and maintain FC of 10 for now until CYA is lowered. I do have an automatic pool cover so I can keep FC without adding a lot of liquid Chlorine to the pool.

Return a bunch of product I bought but don't need.

Am I missing anything?


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Jun 8, 2019
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Test FC and pH daily. Keep in mind pH is invalid at FC 10+ so you’ll have to let it drift down to test that. With your TA you will probably be adding acid often.