First Test with TF-100


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Aug 4, 2022
Test kit arrived this morning, so I went right out and ran through everything. Here are the results:

FC: 1.5
CC: 0
pH: 7.2
TA: 150
CH: 150
CYA: 20
Salt: 3800

Pool was filled last week and had no CYA to start with. I've added 4lbs of that so far, just ordered another 12lbs from Amazon - it's cheaper than the local pool store. The TA was around last week according to the pool store, so far I've put 2 gal of 31.5% muriatic acid in to lower the pH when it got to 8 or just over. How quickly the pH rises seems to be slowing down.

My plan is to get the CYA up, and keep adding acid when the pH rises to bring the TA down.

What should I target for FC until I get the CYA level up to the recommended levels for a SWG? The chart for salt water starts at 60 with a FC of 4. Should I use the 3-5 target with a CYA of 20 on the liquid chlorine chart? The pool looks pretty clear right now, I just want to make sure it stays that way until everything gets to where it needs to be.
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