First test using TF-100 Test Kit


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
I just need some feedback on results as well as test procedure. The app seems very helpful on how to adjust to get to the ideal levels after I inputted the data.
When I was testing for Combined Chlorine (CC) I would add a drop and mix, then again. After 3 it turned clear. I let it sit as I started my CH test and I noticed it had turned Pink again - so added 2 more drops individually and it turn clear again. After testing TA I noticed again it was pinkish but opted not to keep adding drops. I just counted it as 5 (2.5 ppm CC). I added this to my FC (6.5ppm) to get 9ppm TC. I then used my daily Test kit for the TC and pH. I got TC above 10ppm - so that told me I could or should have continued to add drops to calculate CC. Did I do something incorrectly? I doubled checked and confirmed I used all the proper reagents on the FC and CC test. In fact I rearranged my test kit sections to make 1 row for TA, one row for CH, CYA in front left corner and Chlorine in front right corner. . i removed the daily test kit as I will use that more often.
Overall test results as follows
FC 6.5ppm
CC 2.5ppm
TC 9.0ppm
CH 250ppm
TA 80ppm
CYA 90
pH 7.5
All of my previous testing had been either via Leslie's pool store or use of strips. So just need any advice to continue to improve my testing process. Thanks.
Also, its 90+degrees in Texas and have been using pucks but in process to switch to liquid chlorine.


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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
Pool test looks good! :)
Once the FC/CC test sample goes clear you are done. Ignore the pink if it sits for a bit.
No need to add FC&CC.
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