First Test Results w/TF Kit


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Jan 7, 2008
here are our first set of complete water testing

What next?? Do I need to add stabilizer or lower my TA first.

FC 2.5
CC 0
TC 2.5
PH 7.3
TA 100
CH 110

We also have a leak somewhere!!! We lost approx 2" of water yesterday alone. 1" was overnight in the last 12hours, so we will be adding approx 2" of water today, after of course, the pb comes AGAIN this morning. We want him to actually see our pencil mark and the line.



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May 20, 2007
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I would say stabilizer. losing/adding water will be an issue and you'll have to check your levels while that's being resolved. Hope it's not serious!

Do you have a spa/or source of aeration? Otherwise I would say don't worry about your TA, it's lower than mine and only causes ph to rise if you have aeration.

Keep us posted.


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Apr 2, 2008
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I would think if you are losing that much water you might as well wait a bit. Is he going to fix it soon. If you are losing 2 inches a day and put in stabilizer you will be losing stabilizer everyday. Just seems like wasted money :shock: I'll let others chime in. 100 TA is on the high end but not terrible, I don't think it will hurt anything to wait at this point til it is fixed.


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Jan 7, 2008
Yes, 2" (at least) within 36hours is alot of water.

There are 3 people on site right now. Two of them the pb's themselves. They have been digging for 30min around one specific return. I will wait to will add the additional water to add stabilizer. Agree, it would be a waste of $$ to add at this point.

I "kind of" feel sorry for them b/c our yard is FULL sun exposure and it is HHH here today. Oh well, they have made me wait 5 weeks with this piece meal job. I guess what comes around goes around...and I am not usually a "mean" person.

I will test and post again tomorrow.

thx everyone!!


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Apr 1, 2007
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1. Solve the leak issue

2. Alk is fine

3. put in 3-4ppm of Cl each evening until the leak is solved

4. Add stabilizer when the leak is fixed....40ppm

5. Once stabilizer is in the pool, you'll probably need to add 2-3ppm daily for Cl.