First Test Results and an impending vacation


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Jul 1, 2019
Hello all - great community here! I've learned a ton reading in the past few weeks

New home owner, new pool owner. In ground, vinyl, sand filter and 30000 gallons. Located in Memphis TN and my pool does sit in the sun for majority of the afternoon. It has been unseasonably cool the past two days and should remain cooler for the next few days before heating up (mid 90s) next week.

I've done a pretty good job with maintaining a nice, swimmable pool in the short months i've been an owner. Succesfully fought off one pretty gnarly algae bloom and am coming off a nice stretch of pleasant, blue/clear water.

I finally got my Taylor 2006 test kit in the mail and did my first full test this afternoon

FC 8ppm
CC 0.6ppm
PH 7.6
TA 80ppm
CH 80ppm
CYA 60

Can someone give me a quick review of my numbers?

A few notes - I did add two gallons of liquid chlorine last night when my regular five-way crummy test kit suggested i add chlorine. This was also an attempt to try to get out in front of a color change (leaning towards going greenish hue as of yesterday). Also vacuumed to waste last night and backwashed as i normally do about once a week

I think (?) FC is right in range per the Chlorine/CYA chart.

On top of that - I leave for a 7 day vacation on Saturday morning and won't really have anybody to add chlorine or check water levels while i'm gone. I have two skimmers and a floor drain so i'm thinking (After reading numerous 'vacation' threads here) turning my skimmer valves down to allow the floor drain to do the work. With the hockey puck tabs in a floater/skimmers

Just wondering what my pre-vacation play should be in the days leading up to Saturday.


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Aug 8, 2018
Plainfield, IL
Hi, welcome to TFP!

Your CC is a bit high indicating potential algae problem.
I would do OCLT test and start SLAM, if it fails.
Your CYA is also a bit high. Nothing to be overly concerned about right now but I would make sure any pucks that you put in will be cal-hypo type.
This would ensure CYA won't get any higher and you can afford to push CH up quite a bit.


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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
I would be concerned if you are leaning towards a greenish hue. Curious as to what your previous tests were. A cc of .6 in itself isn't that disconcerting, depending on swimmer load, when it was taken, dust, dirt etc.

If it were me I would probably raise FC to slam level, run the robot frequently until I had to leave, maybe stave off / eliminate the algae bloom until you return.

As a side note, you do not need to backwash once a week. Backwash when the pressure rises 10% or so. The filters work better when they have a small accumulation.
Assuming you are using the 20ml FC test? 10 ml saves on reagents and is generally close enough for our purpose. Divide total drops by 2 for your reading.