First test - now what?


New member
Nov 7, 2019
I’ve just done my first round of testing ever using a clear choice kit and here are the results. As it is my first time and I’m awaiting my stirrer I may certainly have made some errors but I tried to follow the instructions as much as possible.

FC - 13
CC or TC - 0?
pH - 7.8
TA - 150
CH - 325
CYA - 70

I’ve done a bit of reading on the ABCs and I guess I am wondering whether I should turn my SWG down to reduce the FC - the pool service cranked it up last week both in terms of chlorine generated and time? We are also coming into summer here, so I’m hoping to get the water as right as I can.

I also have a white ring around the top of the fibreglass pool that I’m curious about but I may be getting a little ahead of myself.