First spring opening


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Sep 4, 2019
SW Ohio
My pool was installed in October and closed in November. My PB will open it tomorrow. So after it is opened and the the pump is primed and running, I assume I need to do the following:

1. Keep the pump running to circulate and filter the water -24 hours and on
2. Start trying to remove anything in the bottom of the pool like worms or small debris
3. Brush the pool
4. Test the water - first focus on PH and potential adjustments
5. Test for chlorine
6. Slam at sunset
7. Test chlorine at sunrise to see how it responded
8. Start adding CYA via sock method? Start or wait depending OCLT?
9. Continue daily testing and treatment.
10. I bought hairnets. When do I start adding to the skimmer basket?
11. The Water did look clear a week ago as I drained 3 inches after some serious rain
12. Pull out solar cover and cut to fit the pool.
I’ve bought multiple cases of LC weeks ago and two gallons of muriatic acid. I do have the recommended test kit. Any adjustments, additions and/or deletions?


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
So congratulations on the pool. Have them open but do not let them add anything to the water. The rest will be TFP methodology. Use the leaf net and get whatever you can . Run a full test to see what the water has before adding anything. If the ph is out of whack bring it down as per TFP and one important thing to remember is to do all chem additions in batches so not to over shoot. Need not to wait for slam till sunset and start when ever you're ready. Get back with any questions you have as stupid as you think it may be, the more you ask the less mistakes, the more you learn.


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Sep 4, 2019
SW Ohio
PH is 7.5
Do I target 7.2 or Accept the PH 7.5 and move onto chlorine ? I’m going to move over the testing forum
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