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Jun 7, 2021
Riverside, RI
Hi folks,

After reading through this thread I ordered my TF-100 test kit and ran my first tests this morning. Results are as follows:

FC: 1.5
CC: 0.5
pH: 7.8
TA: 100
CH: 175
CYA: 50
SALT: 3000

I used Pool Math to figure out how much chlorine to add to begin my first SLAM. Added the suggested amount (1 gal, 3 cups of 10%) for my size pool (18' round x 42" water level, 6423 gallons) about an hour ago. Also brushed and vacuumed the pool this morning. The pump is set to run continuously and I've unplugged my SWG. I've removed my ladder and everything else from the pool.

Fingers crossed the process goes well, and doesn't take too long. Would be great if it was done by Monday night when we have a bunch of people coming over for my son's birthday party but I know that might be optimistic. Would appreciate any suggestions y'all have beyond the things I've already done. This forum has been a HUGE help so far!


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Jun 22, 2014
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Did you happen to lower the pH before starting the SLAM? With a CYA of 50, you now know the magic FC number is "20", so do your best to maintain that elevated FC. It's all about consistency and attention to detail when cleaning the pool. You'll get it.

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