First SLAM...not for algea but for toddler poop incident


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May 24, 2020
Melbourne, FL
4 month old pool with SWCG, so never SLAM'd until yesterday afer a toddle incident. Using TFP methodology for pool balance so brought FC to 28 (70 CYA). I did't maintain it and I didn't do a bad. So not a true SLAM....just a shock to SLAM levels. Checked this morning and FL was at 22. Hot as heck in Florida so hoping to burn off some of the FC and have some comfortable and safe swimming today, 4th of July. Should be good to go today, correct? FC easily below SLAM already. Should be enough sanitation to take care of the toddler incident I think. And, at what FC level can I get a reliable pH reading from my K-2006C Kit? Any other advice. I am a newbie but have been caring for the pool myself since day 1. But still a new TFP member.


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May 3, 2014
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You did fine.
Your FC needs to drop to 10 ppm for a valid pH reading in your conditions. Leave the SWCG off for today and your FC should be close to that by the end of the day.
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