First season with SWCG some observations and a question about closing for the season


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Jul 3, 2016
Delphos, OH
Well, the temps have dropped and I'm getting ready to close the pool. They'll be taking off crops and I like to have that giant dust and debris collector covered before the farmers hit the fields.
I purchased and installed my SWCG in the spring when the "chlorine shortage" hit (2021.. the year of the shortage). My concern was primarily keeping my pool balanced. I had read stories about trading bottles of chlorine for bottles of muriatic acid to balance PH as well as needing to keep tabs on alkalinity. Neither was an issue for me. In fact I found myself monitoring my water chemistry much less as the season went on and the PH and TA remained pretty consistent. I never got around to adding borates and after this season I'm not sure I'm going to worry about it unless it becomes more difficult to balance the pool. The best part was not having to worry about dips in chlorine. I was able to keep the generator running at 45-50% and the chlorine stayed in the 5-6 ppm range for chlorine. No more calling someone to add chlorine while I was gone! Overall a very positive experience.

Now that it's time to close, the pool water has dipped to 62 degrees which means the generator isn't generating due to low water temp, I'm going to add some chlorine and bring the pool up to shock level, as a normally do, before draining and putting a cover on. There aren't any issues with adding liquid chlorine as long as the cell is turned off to bring the pool up to shock level is there?


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Jul 3, 2016
Delphos, OH
Thanks! I'm going out to add some chlorine and get this thing closed up!

I was going to let the SWCG bring it up to shock level but I don't think my water is going to warm up enough to bring it back online. Supposed to be pretty cool around NW OH for the next week.
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Jul 29, 2018
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One possible correction. Your comment about "2021 the year of the shortage," might soon be adjusted to "2021 the first year of the shortages." Others are appearing already. Butter, and soon milk, too. And just as 91% IPA was beginning to reappear in the supermarket, it looks like alcohol might be next. Rumors in my area about another TP and paper towel shortage, are starting to spread. I don't believe them, but I'm stocking up anyway. There are things we can do without...and things we can't! Two of them are TP and chlorine!

Oh, and our pool water hit 79 this morning. That's about 15 degrees too low for my wife! Days like this we're thankful for Pentair and Centerpoint Energy.
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