First Post to share my algae horror story


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Jul 7, 2012
To start, I want to thank you all for the information provided within this website. I wanted to share a story with you. I purchased a home in March with a pool that had been covered by the VA. It was unknown how bad the condition of the pool was but I had to purchase this home based on the price point alone ($60,000 for a 2000 sq ft home on 1/2 acre). The pool was inspected for functionality and it was determined that the liner was fairly new, the mechanics worked, and there were no leaks (water was still full). Closed on the house and started uncovering the pool.


Words fail me

This water had 1 inch of visibility.

My filter hates me

So I got started. First order of business was to evict the residents. I removed over one hundred of these guys.

They do not like chlorine. The pool absorbed 8 gallons of %12 liquid chlorine a day.

And leaf netting

My Dog

and where I am today, 4 weeks later

It took 4 weeks because I discovered a setback, for two weeks the pump had a small error. When you touched the water you would be electrocuted. Took two weeks to save up for the replacement pump. Following all the advice and reading pool school I (a first time pool owner) was able to get this far. As you can see I am now in the FLOC and vacuum stages. Thank you all for the great advice and I will update when the water is crystal clear. :-D


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Jun 5, 2012
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Wow! I can see why words failed you when you first saw that. What a great turnaround :goodjob: I know you are not completely done yet but what a tremendous improvement.

BTW, nice lookin' dog you got there.


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Jun 12, 2008
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Oh my... your doggie is gonna love that pool! :)

You have done a great job... it has taken me longer than that to clear my swamp in the past, so I would have to say that you are right on target.