First Post! New Build in Cincinnati - Rock On


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Dec 4, 2018
Started a new build mid-may in Cincinnati suburbs. Hit rock, but our builders have been amazing. Working on Retaining wall and planning stamped concrete deck next week.

I have a question. We hit ALL ROCK the entire way down. The pool builder is confident that with a thick layer (3'"-6" in deep end and up walls) of vermiculite that the liner will not be damaged.

This is our first pool. From your experience any concerns or thoughts on liner going ontop of the rock pictured (with vermiculite covering rock)?

Pics attached. (don't worry the retaining wall will double in height tomorrow ;) )



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Congratulations on the pool! exciting time for sure.

I think the liner will be fine. If you are sitting on solid rock, there shouldn't be a reason the base will shift and cause liner issues. I would think that the thicker layer would be better.

One thing to point out to you though. The water that is in the deep end, is that from rain or seepage from the ground? I know there has been a lot of nasty weather in your area lately. Pay attention to how long the water sits there and if it naturally goes away into the ground. On solid rock, it may never leave naturally. I would discuss with the builder how they plan to deal with water drainage from around the pool. Not just surface water, but ground water as well. A well pit & pump may be necessary to make sure your liner doesn't float and cause future issues. It is something to discuss and deal with now and not later.