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Aug 2, 2021
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I was a TFP believer 15 years ago at our last house. Just had construction finished on 20x40 vinyl pool, 3' shallow end - 6' deep end - 6' sun shelf. Pool started getting water early in week. Pool pump started running about 24 hours ago. First test with Taylor K2006C about 20 minutes ago. This is where I'm starting. I just added 65 oz of 20 Mule Team Borax to get started on those PH and TA numbers.

FC 3.2
PH 7.0
TA 110
CYA - could still see black dot with completely full tube
Taylor K2006C


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With a TA of 110 now, I would simply leave things for now. I would expect the pH to rise fairly soon on its own. I'd focus more on ensuring you have a good late-summer CYA for this time of year (maybe about 40-50?) while keeping the FC balanced per the FC/CYA Chart. Let things settle for a while until you see a good reliable pattern.
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