First pool fill help with saltwater system


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Apr 1, 2021
I'm in the process of filing my new pool now and trying to figure out the process with the chemicals. So what I gather is to balance out the levels of everything first, them test salt content and add appropriate amount of salt. Then I can turn on SWG. I know I need salt in the water before turning on SWG but can non saltwater still pass through cell when it's shut off to help mix chemicals/salt? I have a Solaxx Reliant SWG


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May 3, 2014
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There is no harm in circulating low salinity water through the SWCG.

Post your current test results. The only thing that is different for a SWCG is a higher CYA level and salt. You can most likely add the salt now. Do you have a salinity test kit? Please fill out your signature.
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