First full TF-100 tests of the season.


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Aug 17, 2012
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Received my discounted box of reagents for my TF-100 test kit a couple weeks ago and finally had the time go through a full set of tests. Throughout the winter, I still have my pool open, but I don't bother doing any other tests than OTO FC, PH and DPD CL test. Pool pretty much takes care of itself during the winter, with very minimal doses of Acid and a few laps a week with the Doheny Discovery.

20,000 gallon pool, Salt Water, Pebble finish plaster. Water is rock hard around here, so high CH is just something I deal with. Water itself is crystal clear and I've never had a hint of algae since the pool was built in 2013. Thankfully, I found TFP before the build process started, so I've never been pool stored and had to battle with off the charts CYA. I've never slammed, "shocked" or even drained an ounce of water from the pool. Besides the extra maintenance of the landscaping around the pool (gardener doesn't go up by the pool), it has been a pleasant experience and very therapeutic to keep the pool up to TFP standards.

So as of today.

CL = 5.5 Seems a little high due to drop in CYA
CC = 0.5
OTO CL = 5
PH = 7.5
TA = 50 Low as a byproduct of managing high CH
CYA = 40 Had an unusual amount of rain in CA, will get it to 80
Borate = 40 Will bring it back up to 50
CH = 780 Will just deal with it
Salt = 2600 Drop tested Will bring it up to 3000, Intellichlor registers it at 2950.

Thanks again TFP!!


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Aug 10, 2012
Nice job on the pool! :thumleft:

And thanks for getting us all hooked up with the Doheny Discovery Robot! I love mine!