First full summer with pool

We bought out house with a strange 14K gallon pool last October, and the owners were going through a divorce and neglected the pool in the process. I spent the fall getting the water clear using the SLAM and advice from browsing the forums here. Everything was great until we went on Christmas break. I got a call from the house sitter asking why the pool pump was making noise. (it is on a temperature controlled freeze protect timer and was a bit noisy anyhow) I assured him it was OK and it is just loud, but running to avoid freezing over, something we rarely do in this part of the US. I had just replaced the digital pool timer and the box it was mounted in before we left for the trip. A few days after our return the pump noise stopped, the bearings had had enough and it was seized. That night, while I was researching pump motors, we received the one freeze of the year.... It busted the pump housing and one PVC line, the one from the main floor drain, thus emptying the pool once it warmed back up. I took that opportunity to drain our strange above ground concrete pool, go through the entire Chlorinated Rubber paint process to refinish it and I have installed a new Pentair pump, replaced a lot of PVC parts to include all of the valves, and just finished refilling and stabilizing the levels. That was a long intro. Lets hope this summer is worth all the work! And thanks for a great forum and a better way for the DIY person to take care of a pool.

May 9, 2017
Burkburnett Texas
Thanks! What it did do is teach me how to manage and regulate chemicals in a pool without giving my paychecks to the pool store. There is a shelf full of now useless pool chemicals and additives that came with the house since the previous owners bought whatever they were selling. I got familiar with the Taylor test kit and the liquid bleach method of chlorination. Some of our friends think we are crazy for pouring bleach in the pool. I always ask them what they think Chlorine and bleach is, then refer them here. You can just see in the picture on the left where we had four dying pine trees cut down and removed due to filling the pool with debris and bird feathers from the nests in them. Now to build a deck around this thing.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Great story and introduction. Welcome to the forum!

Some of that stuff might still be of use though...just depends on what it is. Glad to see you joined us and hope you enjoy your stay.