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One final question on this based on all your responses:
IF the salt cell continues to read 3500 and operates as it would at that level, and IF the salt level in the pool is actually 1200 as the Taylor test indicates, and IF I can find an output % that results in an accurate and stable FC level, would it be OK to leave things as they are and not add salt and risk pushing the T-cell level past 3500? Would there be any damage to the T-cell operating under these conditions?
"IF"... a little word with a big shadow... the short cumulative answer would be "No".... but Marty already said so.


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Apr 9, 2020
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SOLUTION! If anybody's still with me here :rolleyes:, the guy who installed the SWG has solved the problem. He inadvertently installed a T-15 but set the configuration to a T-9. He assures me that a T-15 although larger than I need will work just fine. It is more expensive, but he's eating that as it was his mistake. After telling the Prologic that the T-cell is a 15, all the numbers fell into place along with Taylor (and a Leslie's for a 3rd opinion). Perhaps this will help someone else in the future. (If there is anybody still out there reading this thread...I think I hear crickets...)
Thanks to all.


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May 3, 2014
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Allen mentioned that in post 14.


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LOL.. and guess what.. I've see that happen on the forums more that you would think. For example If someone pulls their control board out or puts in a new thermistor sometimes the SWG controller needs to have the cell type set up again. BUT you scored a better SWG. You will come to like that. theoretically it means your cell will last for twice as long as it would have otherwise. OR you can meet your FC needs with shorter pump run times.. the possibilities are endless!

BTW.. we are always with you.. one of the interesting things about this forum is if you post something, someone will always chime in.
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