First Closing - Do I understand this all correctly/


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Sep 14, 2007
I think I understand the chemistry side of closing, and I'm pretty sure I understand the plumbing part too. I don't want to make any mistakes on the plumbing soo... let me ask first! Is this the correct proceedure.

20x40 In Ground Concrete

Lower the water level 4-5 inches below the return ports
Drain water from Pump (put plug in filter basket)
Remove sightglass from Filter valve (put in basket)
Drain water from filter (Plug goes - yup basket)
remove Pressure Guage from valve (Store in garage)

Blow out lines - ?????
--- Ok question - I have a compressor, my shopvac only sucks.
I can connect the compressor to one of the rubber stoppers by removing the wingnut and bolt and using a blowgun through the opening. I assume using 20 psi (maybe higher?) from the compressor I can blow this out much like the sprinkler system.
But where whould I blow from? the skimmer opening? the vaccum port (Still below water level) or do I have to disconnect the plumbing at the pump and blow backwards? Should I start at the return ports and go that way? or does it matter.
also I have a main drain and a skimmer/vaccum line do I need to close one while blowing out the other or does keeping both open clear both lines at once?

After blowing out the lines - add RV/Pool antifreeze (fill the system till it seeps out the return lines or just a gallon in each line for good measure)

Put gizmos (bottles) in skimmer, Plug up the return lines, Add a cover and bake until spring?

Does it sound like I'm ready to try this or do I need to correct anything first?

Thanks in advance!


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May 7, 2007
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Usually, but not always, you can blow out the lines with an air compressor. It depends on how your plumbing is done and how much air volume the compressor can put out.

You need to blow out the lines before removing any drain plugs.

Blowing from the skimmer should be fine. If you have individual valves on each line isolate them one at a time and close the valves on the underwater ones while air is still blowing.