First algae of the summer.....but summers over


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Jun 14, 2018
Long Island NY
As of today,

FC 5
CC 0
PH 7.4
TA 60
CYA 20
Water temp 75F
VS pump is run for 2 (4) hour sessions at 1250rpms

Went the entire summer without any algae outbreaks and clear water since May while using home depot bleach at 10% and muriatic acid when needed. In late spring I struggled with high CYA (over 100) and high TA. Did 2 partial water changes back in May which brought the CYA down to 50 and Ive let it slowly fall on its own since then. Only been around 20 CYA for the past 2-3 weeks but the weather has cooled and FC loss is roughly 1-2ppm per day max.

The leaves have started to fall and many are settling on the bottom (maybe 20-30 leaves each day) so I think I need to run the pump longer and bump the rpms to get better skimming during this time of year. Nevertheless, last Thursday I began to notice very small spots of greenish tint on the liner but didn't have time to clean it because I was going away for the weekend. I added roughly 1 gallon of bleach on Friday before I left to cover the weekend and this evening the FC was at 5. I put the robot in the pool and you can clearly see the tracks where it has cleaned the green junk which I'm assuming is algae?

Anything I need to do besides vacuum? If so, whats the best method to vacuum this? Robot? Vacuum to waste? Regular vacuum then backwash?