Firepit Under Construction


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Jun 20, 2014
Lake Jackson, Texas
Finally started on the fire pit, the delay was because I couldn't decide on which stone I wanted to use on the pit and the kitchen. Lol, I finally decided to do flagstone to match the spa and the coping. In any event, here is what I am doing…

I chose to go with the Warming Trends Crossfire System with AWEIS - 250K BTU built to 38" for the tray. I went this route because I wanted to be able to remote light the pit from the internet or my phone. :) I'm also going to be using a blue fire glass that will hopefully tie in with the plaster and waterline tile on the pool.

It's raining today so I am working on a project inside but here are some pics of what is done so far! I have to knock out a couple of things inside the house and then time to build the ODK!