Fire and water spillway bowl with pedestal


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Jun 14, 2019
Richmond Hill, GA
Barrier Reef Whitsunday 35 lounger installed last summer with 3 spa jets on steps and a bubbler on the lounger. Had them add a valve and plumb for a future water feature. It’s now future.
I have this little pedestal over the pipe right now holding a plant. I want a pedestal that holds a propane tank with a fire and water bowl on top that spills into the pool. I can’t find a pedestal for this and the fire and water spill bowls seem to start at $2k.
Anyone find a way to add a pedestal and fire/water spill bowl for less money?

Pic of existing plant stand covering plumbing and a pic of kind of what I’m looking for.C81C9FD7-F735-434A-BDBA-07AE6E594D91.jpegB425363A-F129-48B0-BCEF-FB873544D35F.jpg


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Jul 10, 2012
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WOWZER that is pretty!!! I know they are costly but have not really looked for one to help you find prices. I wonder if anyone on etsy does stuff like that??? Might be worth looking at.
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