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May 23, 2012
Looking for some suggestions and ideas on finishing off around the bottom of our fence. We just installed almost 200 feet of fence around our pool to include a nice amount of our back yard. Now, the question is - how to finish around the bottom? We were thinking maybe 12" of larger sized river stone on either side of the fence. This way we aren't going crazy weed whacking all summer. But, what is the best type of "border" to prevent the stone getting tumbled into the grass?

The longer stretch of fence in the bottom photo, will eventually be a large patio made of pavers, but for now is just modified stone. There is quite a bit of space between there and the shallow end of the pool (maybe 20' or so). The deep end of the pool has a corner section before it meets up with the existing concrete patio. There is a slope on that end and it's grade is higher than our patio and yard. I'm thinking over there, just a nice corner flower bed with some mulch meeting up with more river stone.

What are good plant/shrub choice for around the fence to add some color? I'm in Northeast Pa. I don't want anything that is going to make a mess and blow into the pool. I live in the woods and have enough of a headache with the leaves.

Any sugguestions or photos you can share, I would much appreciate it. I've benn trying to search on google for some finished photos and not really getting a whole lot of luck with what I'm looking for.


20X40 Keyhole, vinyl liner



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Apr 4, 2007
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A small retaining wall, especially if the yard slopes down from the pool, or even some flat fieldstones on edge partially buried would work. I'm not real enchanted with any of the conventional edging materials. Keep the mulch away from the pool.

Banana trees are cool if you have someplace to keep them during the winter. Castor bean plants have a tropical look too. They grow from seed, and you can save your own every year. Neither loses leaves to speak of. We cut our castor beans down when it turns cold.

We are just finishing a retaining wall around ours, and are upgrading the landscaping too. Unfortunately it has been bone dry this year, and I'm spending all of my time hauling water to the plants.


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Sep 19, 2011
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I own a fence company, and we recommend getting roll roofing material, cutting it in 12" wide strips, then placing it under the fence 6" inside and 6" outside to control weeds/grass. Place your decoration on top of that. It last for 20 years, and can be purchased in a variety of colors. Also will not get sucked up into the lawn mower if you roll over it.