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Sep 10, 2022
allen, tx
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Hello! Pool remodel starts today or tomorrow and we decided to upgrade to the mini pebble from Stonescapes and struggling with choice.
Would love to know if anyone has pics of Stonescapes mini pebble Caribbean? It is too green? Because I think that is our favorite.
Aqua Blue water looks pretty but the material is just so blue..which may be overwhelming on our tanning ledge. We get a lot of shade throughout the day so I think Tropics is too dark. I have heard Tahoe can lend green.
Would like it to look nice on our huge tanning ledge plus have pretty water and coordinate with tiles we already selected. Don't like it too green or too light.
I attached pics of our other selections - safari blue tile with every 4th or 5th decorative, light walnut travertine coping and gray stacked stone around spa. Any opinions? Also pics of current pool (stopped chemicals recently since we are about to drain so first pool water looks bad I know. One with spa is normal water color at present. thank you!!!

our selections.jpgcurrent pool.jpgpool with proper chemistry.jpgfinish choices stonescape mini pebble.JPG


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