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Aug 30, 2020
Austin, TX
Our pool finish contractor included Wet Edge Signature Matrix in our quote but I am thinking of changing to Finest Finish Micro Fusion because I like a little bit smoother pebble finish and the Laguna color they offer. However, the Finest Finish warranty is only 7 years compared to Wet Edge's 15 years. Pool finish contractor says warranty only covers materials, not rip out/install, and if you are going to have warranty problems with the finish it will happen in the first couple of years anyway. He says pebble finishes are basically all the same and pool chemistry is the key to making the finish last. Makes sense but still a little nervous on the idea of the shorter warranty.
Thoughts? Thanks!
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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
When I was looking at plaster and talked with a guy who did installs for 40 years and now sells plaster to the young guys LOVES Finest products... He recommended the Micro or the Radiant... Because everything comes from the company in the bag for that exact color and they only add water (exact amounts of water) it turns out great every time..

As for the warranty, all companies will try to get out of it and say the water was not balanced or bla bla whatever to get out of it... I would worry more about the installer crew and make them do it right, watch them like a hawk and make them stop when you see something and fix it right then... You have to become a pro at installing plaster to make sure they are doing it correct...

With that said I am doing an all tile pool so I stopped researching plaster :)
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Jul 13, 2020
Roseville, CA
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Just finished our project with micro Fusion Laguna w/ abolone and glass.

Really happy with the resultsPXL_20210221_202239662.jpgPXL_20210220_222204708.jpg
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