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Jun 7, 2019
Hanover, PA
First year using TFP approach, SLAM produced awesome results. Pool is crystal clear and has become quite stable and predictable. My CYA is still at 60 which I would like to get down but short of draining a bunch of water, I'll live with it. We've gotten a lot of rain in past 2 weeks but that didn't seem to do much to the CYA level. Now, my test results today are FC: 6.5, TA: 120, pH: 7.8. My routine has been to add 1/2 gall of 10% bleach daily and 1/2 gallon of muriatic acid weekly to bring the TA down a bit as it seems to creep up through the week (possibly helped by the rain?). When I add the acid, the pH dives down to about 7.2 but then comes back up a bit in a day or so. The TA drops to about 100 but then seems to creep back up.

So, with all that, is what I'm doing "correct"? Should I be doing anything different? Gotta' tell you that adding the Muriatic acid makes me a little nervous just because I know that stuff eats concrete! :) Really, the pool looks in great shape and by the tests, I'm within the margin of error but am looking for your suggestions to fine tune this - or not worry about it.

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Sounds like you are on track. For the pH and TA, I wouldn't get too obsessed with it for too long. Some pools simply operate better with a pH around 7.7.-7.8 and that's fine. We know the TA doesn't "have" to be pulled low unless the pH really continues to shoot over 7.8. Keep that TF-100 and PoolMath close by and you'll do great. Enjoy. :swim: