Finding liquid chlorine in St. Louis, Mo


Jul 27, 2017
Ballwin, Mo.
I know sourcing liquid chlorine has become a problem all over right now so I wanted to share some information which could benefit people in the St. Louis, Mo area. Btw, I'm just an ordinary pool owner, I have no affiliation with the companies mentioned.
12.5% liquid chlorine is well stocked at R&S Pool Supply on Dorsett Rd. in Maryland Heights. I purchased some May 18th. It sells for $13.48 plus tax for a case of 4 gallons. The date on the cases I bought decodes to a manufacture date of April 30, 2020. It is Vertex brand name, manufactured locally across the river in Illinois.
Hope this helps some of you in my area.


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Jul 21, 2011
Eastern Ohio
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I’m thinking this link above is the page he’s got in mind. Good find!!


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May 2, 2011
Long Grove, IL
Another option depending upon where you live in St. Louis may be Menards. The current stock counts on their pool shock have been soaring in the past week. Normally this means their B1G1 sale is about to start HOWEVER this year it may or may not be happening.
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