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Ok folks, I've learned so much from you. It really has been exciting to worked on my wacked out pool mess that I've created over the past nine years, to something I can be proud of.

Auto Pilot SWG installed and happy with it so far. Still very early.
Using new AquaBot T2. I love that thing.

Pool Chemistry

FC - Was pea soup green with FC 0. Now beautiful sparkly clear at FC 7. Letting it drop to 4ish, the cranking up the SWG.
CC - Was 0. Is 0.
TC - Was 0. Now at 7.
PH - Was at 7.2. Now at 7.2. Coming off of a TA battle. I will let this rise to the high of 7.8, then back to 7.6, and cycle.
CYA - Was at 170ish. Now after a half drain\fill, then an 18" drain\fill, Now at 58. Pool maybe gets 8 hours sun per day.
TA - Was 110, but after the drain/fills, TA rose to 170. Built myself an aerator like duraleigh has (Thanks Duraleigh). Then after maybe a week of acid and aeration, acid and aeration, Now TA is at 82.
CH - Was at 90. Now at 120. Not really sure what I'm shooting for on this one. I've read CH has little effect on a vinyl pool, but I'm not sure of a target.
SALT - Was at 500 or so, but the drain/refills killed that. Now at 3500. Was shooting for 3000, but overshot it a little. I figure a backwash or two, and the regular use of my 17 year old daughter and her heard of friends, with take care of that.

I plan to get the solar cover on it tomorrow so I can get some heat in it, and then its party time.

So, with my new numbers, am I in line? I appreciate everyones guidance.

Mister Mister


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May 7, 2007
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In a vinyl pool without a spa, CH doesn't really make any difference from 0 to about 300 or a little more. When CH gets high you can have scaling, otherwise it doesn't matter. If you have an attached spa then it is good to keep CH at 100 or 150 or higher (but not too high) to reduce the chances of foaming in the spa.


Your numbers are fine.
IMHO if your CH is above about 120 it's fine for a vinyl pool. The main reason you want the water to be a bit hard is because hard water won't foam as readily as soft water.
Salt is fine. IMHO it's better to run the salt a bit high because the cell doesn't have to work as hard and it gives you a 'safety net' in case you have some heavy rains that dilute the water.