Finally opened the pool, some questions about test results


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Oct 18, 2007
Cedar Hill, TN
I finally opened our pool & tested the water.

We converted from baquacil last fall, I put in some CYA with the cover still on. It's been dissolved for about a week. Now I'm vacuming the bottom. There was only a little dust and some leaves. The water is chrystal clear. (Finally)

12500 gal AG with sand filter

Here are my numbers:

FC: 8 or 9
can't tell for sure. Had to dilute.
PH: 7.4
TA: 160
CH: 180
CYA: 38 or 39 (Guessing. It is a tad under 40)
Temp: 70

This is only the 2nd day with the cover off. The pool will get full sun most of the day. How much 6% bleach should I expect to add every day? (Or how much FC will I loose on average per day?)
What to do to get the TA down?
Do I have to worry about the low CH?
Should I shoot for a higher CYA?

I plan on testing every day at first, with keeping a "Weather Diary" until I get a better feel for all the changes. Any tips on how to set it up & what to keep? Right now I'm just printing out the Pool calculator results every time I plug in new numbers.

Thanks for all the help already received during our conversion,
Thanks in advance for all the help I'll still need in the future!


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May 7, 2007
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I would expect you to use about somewhere around two quarts of 6% bleach each day, though the actual amount will vary from day to day and pool to pool based on the amount of sunlight and number of people swimming.

I would not worry about the TA, CH, or CYA. You are good where you are. If the PH is drifting up annoyingly quickly then you can think about lowering your TA, but that probably won't be necessary.


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Oct 18, 2007
Cedar Hill, TN
Thanks Jason.

Glad to know.
I purchased all this stuff last year & this spring, just in case.
Now I have baking soda, muriatic acid, stabilizer, borax, polyquat60, ..... ready to use! Well, better to have on hand than needing it and not finding it in the store.

Bleach.. I need more bleach. Only have 4 bottles on hand.