Finally can call myself a pool owner, few questions to start, no heat yet....


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Aug 15, 2016
Aurora, Ontario
Good day,
Just got our pool built last year and the PB just opened it. I have a ton of questions but will keep it simple for the time being (as I’ve been combing through all the forums in this website).
I have a prologic system with an SWG (T9 cell??), it’s all hayward equipment.

Currently the heaters not on (it’s still quite chilly up here in the Toronto area) and I just have the pump running 6am to 10am @ 30% (4 hours) & 4pm to 12am @ 30% (8 hours). Also I have not tested the water (only have the included water test kit, looks nice and clear though).

Now they opened the pool poured 3 bags of salt in (opened in October of last year for like a week then closed it again, they put salt bags in at that time as well) and said the prologic system is easy to use, that’s about it.

Anyway I’ve been combing through the manuals and websites trying to soak in all the info/how too’s. I mean it took me an hour but finally figured out how to change the dang lights (color logic). It’s not through the prologic system at all, rather just power cycle them to get the different colors/shows….

Anyway, first some things they mentioned I’d like to get some feedback on:

1) All the chemicals you really need are salt and some PH reducer

2) On the pump, turn up to around 70% when heating, otherwise just run at either 40 or 20%

3) Set the valve to 3/4 skimmer, 1/4 side suction

As for my questions:

1) What takes priority, the time schedule on the prologic or the heater??? Been told the pump must be running for the heater to work. So say I’ve got my pump schedule/speeds all set, and set my desired temp on the heater. Does the heater automatically know when the pumps running at it’s desired speed and only operates during that time OR does it automatically turn the pump on to get to its desired temperature set point???

2) When using my vacuum (hose plugged into the skimmer) Do I need to change the 3/4 skimmer, 1/4 side suction setting?? And is there a minimum pump speed required???

Well guess that’s about it for now, probably another week or two away from turning the heater on (although wife and kids want it sooner J). I’ll share a picture or two as well if that’s alright, we are super excited!!!!

Can’t wait to get to know my pool, and my equipment….


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Jan 24, 2017
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Welcome to TFT!

As for point number 1, yes, you only need salt, muratic acid, CYA and some Bleach for startup. Dont run the SWG from the beginning, wait at least a few weeks making sure you get the numbers right and get to know your pool. For number 2, someone else will chime in. Point 3 sounds about right.

As for your questions 1,2,3 your PoolBuilder should be at your side teaching you how to program the prologic and heater, thats why you bought it from them. If they dont want to help then someone with a prologic will chime in soon and help you out.



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Aug 15, 2016
Aurora, Ontario
Thanks for the reply, ya that would have been nice... Would have like to have an hour to go over everything with them, but seeing as its all paid for, one and done I guess.... One more question I forgot to add that they told me.

1) The SWG won't activate/turn on until the water temp is 60???


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Welcome to the forum:wave:
1) All the chemicals you really need are salt and some PH reducer
You don't know what you need for startup until you test the water! Do you have a test kit? Can you post test results?