Filtrite 4 in 1 pool test kit


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G'day Aussie
This test kit has an FC test, a ph test, a TA test and an acid demand test, cost of $33.75
The FC test will only test up to 5 FC, which is not high enough
You also do not have a CYA test (crucial) or a calcium test (not as crucial for you as you have fibreglass not plaster, but still need to know this)

I would just go ahead and order a kit from Clear choice. Has all the tests you need, also comes with standards so you can check your testing. Should last you a full season of testing and refills are available. Service and quick delivery from these guys too. My last order was on a Saturday and I got the test on a Thursday.

For you to get the salt water version its $158. Money well spent imho


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Jan 4, 2016
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Welcome to TFP! Good to have you here :)

The 4in1 is good value and won't go to waste if you already have it, but +1 to Caco's review and recommendation.

Another drawback to the 4in1 is that you can't do an overnight chlorine loss test (OCLT), which can be a crucial part of TFPC.

The 4in1 is fine for pH, acid demand, and TA. It's adequate to read "around 1 ppm FC", "around 2-5 ppm FC", and "solid 5 or more ppm FC"
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