Filtration system lost its pressure.


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Mar 27, 2013
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Hi all, I'm stumped and think I may be looking in the wrong place to fix this problem. When I fired everything up last week I had a starting pressure at the filter of about 6 psi, after running overnight it picked up some gunk and went to about 18 psi. Which was the norm last year 6-8 on fresh DE and about 12psi max till the end of the year. So I backwashed and was able to see the bottom so I stared vacuuming up some good fuzzy algae build up and some leaves and other Crud. Currently it is on filter but at barely 1 psi, flow is going in and out, but the pump basket isn't full of water, the intake to the pump is steady enough that no air is coming out of the output line.

I got one of those plumbing snakes to check for a clog between the skimmer basket and pump and of course it is 25ft long and i think t'm at like 28ft long so I also ran it 25ft from the pump side, no binds of junk came out when going either direction.

Is there another place I should look or try and clean out? I do not hear any abnormal noises from the pump. Could it be the multivalve that could have some junk in it or possibly something with the pumps impeller? All info about my equipment is in my signature, not sure if this helps, but the piping is 1.5" from the pool to pump area, then from out of the ground to pump filter and multi valve is all 2" piping.



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A clogged pump impeller will reduce flow rate and filter pressure. First try clearing the inlet at the bottom of the pump basket. If there isn't anything there, you may need to take apart the pump.


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May 3, 2014
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