Filternot keeping up


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Jun 26, 2007
We have a 12ft intex pool. We have 5 kids in the pool almost all day the filter doesn't seem to e keeping up the water alwasy seemscloudy. Can I buy a igger filter for these pools.


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
Yes you can buy a bigger filter, but before that, try running the filter 24/7, and switch from using any powdered chemicals in the water. That will give your filter the best chance to keep up.


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Jun 25, 2007
I have a 24ft intex easy set pool, and NO the pump/filter cannot keep up with a high bather load. I agree with the first poster, use only liquids in it, clean the filter daily, and cover it.

I have a hayward pump/filter for mine now, and the difference is amazing, however you are looking at investing another $500-$750 in your pool.NONE of the intex fittings or hoses will work with a regular pump/filter.