Filter vent blocked?


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Jul 29, 2016
Andalucia, Spain
I've just started making my pool operational again and notice that after switching on the filter motor no water is coming out of one of the vents - the other one is not too strong either. It's a 10x5m rectangular pool. I've tried backwash, vacuumed the pool (I have a robot), checked that there is no air in the system, the sand was replaced at the end of last season - any suggestions?

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Some questions to help get us going:
- Have you tried running the system with the multiport valve or recirculate to bypass the filter? If so, does the water pressure change?
- Do you see any chance of leaks or wet soil anywhere after the filter where the return plumbing goes bac to the pool (return jets)?
- How do you test your water over there? Can you provide any test results for us?

Those are just some preliminary questions. We may have ore later as we try to assist. Thanks for using the forum.